Project Appleseed coming May 17

logoWhether you are a skilled shooter who has a lot of training and experience under his belt, a novice, or anyone in between, you will get a lot out of an Appleseed weekend. You can participate with any safe rifle — but an adjustable sling is highly recommended, as we focus a lot on the use of a sling as a marksmanship aid. Rimfire rifles are fine as well — many shooters use .22s to save on ammo costs. The course of fire is optimized for rifles that load quickly… such as from a clip or detachable magazine… but we have a procedure that allows tube feed rifles to keep up as well.


At every Appleseed, we also tell the amazing true story of April 19, 1775 — the day the colonists of Massachusetts Bay committed felonious treason against their country and took up arms against the most well-disciplined military in the world, and put the colonies on the path to become independent nations free from foreign rule. If you haven’t been to an Appleseed before, odds are you haven’t heard this story in the detail we tell it in — which is a shame, because it is a story every American should know.


Get more info and register at

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Two Gun Official Results

2Gun at the Dry Hole Official Results

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2 Gun at the Dry Hole & Tactical Carbine April 26 & 27 2014

AlexArmsProgramAdDSCN1335 DSCN1326Alex Arms and Instruction is proud to announce two exciting events in April.  We will be having a Multi-gun competition on Saturday April 26, 2014.  2-Gun at the Dry Hole is a Pistol and Carbine Steel match – $1000 to win.  Entry fee is only $65 and includes lunch.  We will be having a special stage where competitors will use a Barrett 99A1 .50BMG!  To register click here.

On Sunday April 27 we will be offering our Tactical Carbine course.  Introduction to Tactical Carbine will cover the basics of how to get the most out of your AR weapons platform.  To register for this course click here.

We are offing a special $25 discount if you sign up for both the competition and the course.

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New events added to Schedule

We have scheduled a 2-gun competition for April 26 and an Appleseed for May 17-18.  We will post more details as they become available.

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YHM Dealer

Alex Arms is now a dealer for Yankee Hill Machine products.  YHM offers an extensive line of fully-customized rifles and accessories in a variety of popular calibers.

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New Suppliers!

Alex Arms & Instruction, LLC is proud to announce we that we are now an Authorized dealer of Geissele Automatics triggers and components and NATMIL products.

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Oklahoma Zombie Annihilation 2013 Official Results

Official results for the Oklahoma Zombie Annihilation 2013

1st Place Corey Couch  122.98
2nd Place Matt Rigsby  143.31
3rd Place Derek Parker  146.27

Complete results are HERE

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Oklahoma Zombie Annihilation – This Saturday Oct 5

The first annual Oklahoma Zombie Annihilation will be this Saturday, October 5.  Registration opens at 0800.  Safety brief at 0845 and first rounds downrange shortly thereafter.

Since only head shots are zombie effective, the targets are mostly 8″ steel plates . . . ’bout the size of a head, mounted between 4′ and 7′ on posts and other mounts. You will be shooting from behind cover and around obstacles (including cars).

There will be 4 stages + a bonus stage.

As far as gear:
enough mags for minimum of 45 rounds (each firearm)
mag pouch/vest/chest rig
eyes & ears
elbow/knee pads

If you want shade or seating, you’ll need to bring that too as there is neither at the site.

We will be serving a chili-dog lunch to participants. Spectators may purchase a lunch as well for a few bucks. We will have drinks and snacks for sale as well.

There will be a porta-potty on site, but there is no running water . . . except for the pond.

I’ll be putting up some signs on Hwy 19 to the site to guide you in. Look for the hand painted green Z signs with an arrow.

We will be having an exploding target demonstration, so if you have something that really needs blowin’ up – bring it (No glass or anything toxic, flammable or will create shrapnel) Exploding targets will also be available for purchase and use.


Register Here



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Oklahoma Zombie Annihilation – Oct 5

OZA is a timed, steel-target shooting competition.  There will be several stages with multiple targets per stage.   Competitors will shoot either handguns or carbine rifles depending on the stage.OKZA2

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The basics: B.R.A.S.S.

Mastering marksmanship is a lifelong endeavor. Over the course of that journey, it can be easy to lose sight of the basics. I see experienced shooters that get so wrapped up in learning a new skill-set, that they start slacking on the most basic principles of marksmanship. I am equally guilty.
With that in mind, let’s break down what B.R.A.S.S. is all about…

  • B. Breathe. 

When you are shooting, every time you breathe the sights move. In order to mitigate this, we choose a point in our breathing where we stop in order to make an accurate shot. There are many ways to do this, but here is what works for me: I can’t really measure how full my lungs are, but I do know when I’ve emptied my lungs. So I simply hold my breath at the bottom of my exhale. I don’t completely exhale every bit of air that I can… just the natural end of my exhale. This generally gives me 6-10 seconds to take a shot/s before my body starts automatically reacting to the lack of oxygen. 

  • R. Relax.

If you are in a proper shooting position (something we will cover in future posts), then you should be able to relax and let your bone structure do the work. Muscles are not consistent, but our bones are. Utilize this and find a comfortable, stable, consistent, position. 

  • A. Aim.

Pretty straight forward. Find your NPOA (Natural Point of Aim. Yet another topic that will be covered in the future), align your sights, and get a good sight picture. 

  • S. Slack.

“Slack” refers to the free play that can be found in triggers. Triggers require a certain amount of pressure to engage the sear. As you become more familiar with your firearm, you will know how much pressure that is. In this step, you apply that pressure, taking away any “slack”. Of course, you’re doing this while maintaining a “C” shaped trigger finger, and placing your finger so that the trigger bisects the first pad on your finger. Don’t use the tip, and don’t use the crease. Right in the middle of the first pad. 

  • S. Squeeze. 

You guessed it. Now it’s time to finish applying that pressure. Smoothly apply more pressure until the sear breaks and the shot is fired. If it surprises you, you’re definitely doing it correctly. After the shot is fired, keep pressure on the trigger for a second or so… then ease the trigger forward until the sear re-engages. You will hear and feel that happening. Once the sear is re-engaged, keep the constant pressure on it, and you are all set up for a follow up shot. Rinse and repeat.

At first these steps can seem tedious. The reward however, is worth it. You can practice this at the range, or dry-firing at home. Consistency is the key to accuracy… muscle memory is the key to consistency… and repetition is the key to muscle memory.
So the next time you get ready to take a shot, make sure you:


-Derek Parker

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