Central Oklahoma 5K Run-N-Gun presented by Alex Arms & Instruction May 30, 2015



“Are You Ready To Step Up To The ‘True Grit’ Challenge of Toughness, Endurance and Marksmanship?”



The Central Oklahoma 5K RUN-N-GUN!

Presented by Alex Arms & Instruction

May 30th, 2015 Alex, OK!

The Extreme Test of Stamina, Elite Marksmanship…And MORE!

Are you ready to test your own skills of self-endurance, toughness and strength, rifle and pistol marksmanship…all in ONE amazing challenge course? Put your skills and strengths to the test against other fellow contestants (and yourself!) in the Central Oklahoma 5K RUN-N-GUN and find out what you’re really made of, and test out your gear at the same time.

The Central Oklahoma 5K RUN-N-GUN is a 5K obstacle course biathlon where you’ll face hostile environments with EXTREME heat, water, mud, fire and changes in elevation while trying to navigate through pipes, military obstacles, cargo nets, electric voltage and even carrying and throwing heavy objects. And that’s just for starters!

Along the way you’ll be required to PROVE your own marksmanship skills with unique set of rifle and pistol challenges before you can continue.

One Invigorating Challenge With Amazing People!30540454_m

Unlike other events that are “one sided” and only focus on the physical aspects of a challenge, the 5K RUN-N-GUN will challenge you not only physically over the course of 3.1 miles, but you’ll get to put your own marksmanship, problem solving, and preparedness skills to the ultimate challenge. You’ll meet amazing and like-minded people just like yourself of all ages, and finally “get down and dirty” and discover your own true grit.

All gear, ammo, and hydration must be carried by the competitors.

Competitors will need to provide a center-fire handgun, and a center-fire rifle/carbine*

One stage will include a Barrett .50 BMG rifle.  Ammunition will be provided.

Some challenges may require the use of EDC (Every Day Carry) items.  Some challenges may require the use of items commonly found in one’s Bug-Out-Bag.  Those items will be provided at the challenge, however competitors that bring their own may be able to use their personal gear to score bonus points.

This is your opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and see what you’re really madeDSCN1335of. Now you can put all of your years of marksmanship practice to the test, along with your inner determination and personal drive to succeed.

Pick Your Ticket! Join Us For This Amazing One-Day Only Event!

Central Oklahoma 5K RUN-N-GUN has 3 ticket types to choose from to fit your own needs and desires.

These ticket types that range from the standard ticket, to the spectator ticket which includes a meal and is meant ONLY for spectators, to the Run-n-Gun Participant Ticket which includes entry to the challenge course, a t-shirt and a meal following the event.

To get yourself booked for this truly one-of-a-kind challenge, simply CLICK HERE


Sign up for our Intro to Tactical Carbine class on Sunday and save $15.  If you plan on attending both the competition and the class, please register on the class page HERE.


Anyone accessing any part of the event course MUST have a spectator or competitor access pass.  Nobody may access ANY part of course property except on the designated course. Failure to follow the designated course may take you into the impact area of a hot range!!!  Anyone accessing any part of the designated course without proper credentials will not be covered by the event insurance and will be held personally and financially liable for any accident or injury.

Please Note: The Central Oklahoma 5K RUN-N-GUN is a hazardous activity and challenge that’s not for the faint of heart. You’ll be presented with some of the most challenging and downright toughest physical and mental challenges meant to test your limits. This course was carefully created for those who love extreme challenges as well as those who want to challenge their marksmanship skills under intense circumstances.  

* See official rules for specific firearms regulations HERE